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Awakening the Collective Psyche.

New Moon in Gemini: Dark Before the Dawn.

In some versions of my story I was placed on top of a mountain to be offered in marriage or as a sacrifice to a beast. It seemed I had no choice. as I’m sure you seemed to have had no choice when you came to the apex of death and rebirth. The will of the Gods seemed cruel to have placed my fate there at that moment, this moment, awaiting what is yet to come. There is nowhere to go, and there is no turning back. What will pass is still to be revealed and unseen. Like you, I am afraid when confronted with the unknown. For it means what I know to be my true must be released. “Stilbon…” I whispered.

“Stilbon, the Twinkling One.

We know you are Hermes, Mercury, the messenger, and the trickster.

Ruler of the mind and the intellect. Governor of the twins, Gemini and the Lady Virgo.

Your realm is the kingdom of communication, travel, and study.

Selene comes to advise you and I need your guidance.

What say you?”

The Sight comes in strange flashes of intuition and shadow. The Twinkling One speaks.

“You have a breath, just this moment to let go of the who you were. What you are to become is just beyond the horizon and it will be made manifest. For even your dreams are born out of dust from the stars. This universe is a finite world of sand and each grain must come to form. To the wise one, the whole cosmos is your home.”

“Your answers will not come me.” He continued. “You will be tested and tried by Phosphoros, the Light-Bringer. You may know her by other names; Aphrodite, Venus. She is both the lover and the warrior. Although those who tried to extinguish the light of the Goddess made her out to be a jealous harpy. She is the only one who can test you because she is the only one who will really know if what you hold dear to your heart in this life is worth fighting for.”

The Sight was gone. The signs may not have meaning, yet here we must wait. In the dark I dream monsters and dragons hungry to eat the virgin alive. You may not know where the turn of the New Moon will guide you, but you know enough that monsters and dragons only have as much power as we give them. Only when morning comes do our eyes adjust to the light.

So it is known and whispered by the stars.

Blessings on your new moon light.


New Moon exact at 1:44pm MST May 25th, 2017, Denver Colorado. 10th House. Conjunct Sun in Gemini at 4 degrees.

Mercury in Taurus 10 degrees no major aspects. 9th House.

Venus conjunct Pallas-Athena 19 degrees Aires. Opposition to retrograde Jupiter in Libra 13 degrees. 8th house. No major aspects in 3rd house, Mercury ruler.

Venus square Pluto in Capricorn 19 degrees.

Retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius 25 degrees trine Uranus in Aries 26 degrees. Opposition to Mars in Gemini 23 degrees 10th and 4th house axis.

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Full Moon is Scorpio: Psykhe Rising

My story is a tale that began a long time ago, as it will begin anew a very long time from now. For the entirety of time and space happens all at once. Unique, and never to be experienced the same way twice. Tightly knit and woven together like fabric. Our place and our purpose can never be understood in one stitch because collectively, we are the grand design.

I see you in this moment, past moments, and all moments to come. I am you. You are not the possessions and the experiences you collect in these lifetimes. Although they matter a great deal to you while you are a part of Gaia. You are the light of your divine soul and that’s who I am. The soul.

My name, Psykhe, means ‘soul’ or ‘breath’ in the language that you call ancient Greek. You may know me now as the undercurrent of the subconscious mind. Your individual mind and that of the collective. Your story is my story and my story is your story. The wisdom in the mystery of my myth was lost, but it is awakening and rising again.

How absurd to literally think my lover came to me in the night and I never saw his face. This is not a love story. Yet love is the force that awakens the soul on the path. The path of remembering and discovering who you really are. It is shocking, disruptive, tedious, and exhausting, as mine was.

On this full moon, the full moon in Scorpio, which is exact on 3:42 P.M. MST reaching almost 21 degrees. I believe that point will have passed by the time this message reaches you. But tonight the Beltane portal is still open and you have at least until tomorrow afternoon to use Selene’s watery magic before she turns to the face of Sagittarius. Other than the opposition to the sun in Taurus, Selene does not make any major aspects with other planets. Her modern ruler, Pluto, who now reflects the light of Capricorn , does not make any major aspects either.

For a moment, the earth and the water are still. Things are not yet beginning nor are they ending. Don’t worry, you’ll have the end of the month to go back to your duties, projects, and connections. For now, magic is afoot. Follow your desires and your curiosities wherever they take you. In them, you will find what stirs you enough to open your eyes and see the whole universe and you see your own soul.

So it is known and whispered by the stars.

Blessings on your light.

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New Moon in Taurus: Open the Love Gates

The new moon turns in the mountain time zone at 6:16 am tomorrow morning, wednesday April 26th. This new moon hits 6 degrees Taurus, an exact conjunction with the sun and forms a close trine with the north node (true, Denver, Co). Taurus’ ruler, Venus is getting comfortable in the 12th house. The exact placement will vary depending on your location, but for most of us in the United States, that statement should be true. Venus is now direct and in the last few degrees of Pisces. She makes a square to a retrograde Saturn in fiery Sagittarius. There’s more fire in the 3rd house ruled by Venus with Mars newly in Gemini.

What does this mean for you? There is a tremendous release happening. All of the stuck, tense, and aggravating roadblocks you may have been hitting in April are gone. It’s not going out with a whimper, it’s pouring out. Like rushing water out of an unclogged pipe.

It will manifest for us in different ways. Maybe internal karmic ties around money and/or self-worth are finally loosening their grip. Perhaps those projects you’ve been trying to get started will finally bust through the front door.  There is an incredible rush of power happening right now in any of the departments that Venus governs. Beauty, sensuality, creativity, value and worth, relationships and intimacy. What associations do we have with those words?

Most of us in the western world tend to flux between two extremes. We are either under indulging them or over indulging them. One only has to think of our attachment to money and possessions or food and sex. On the other hand we repress our desires to the point of wounding and traumas. We’re having to relearn how to nourish and take care of ourselves and our souls.

We can only guide the swinging pendulum in the direction that is right for all of us. Individually and collectively. The flood waters are coming so we might as well enjoy the ride. Don’t worry about breaking through resistance or backing off of effort. Just let it flow. Just be. Like the rushing river. Love and be kind to yourself. You are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Blessings on your path and flowing rivers.

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New Moon in Aries

In the mountain time zone, the first spring new moon is exact, right about now actually. 8:57 P.M. We’re getting off with perhaps a sluggish start. The recent Sun’s ingress into Aries during a waning moon might not be springboarding things like we hoped. This new moon sits opposite to a retrograde Jupiter in Libra and is slowly moving away from a recent conjunction with the retrograde Venus in Aries. Retrograde planets can be interpreted like tarot cards. Usually it means blocked energy. Or it could be a sudden burst of energy. Sometimes it could even be both.

I don’t have to tell you that the world is polarized like it never seems to have been before. We are living it and trying to navigate it everyday. Aries’s gift is that it can give us the motivation to renew or start a project. Yet that cardinal fire can quickly become depleted. In Ayurvedic philosophy, when a dosha or quality is excessed, the element becomes deranged. I love that word: ‘deranged.’ This is what I mean by embodying two different interpretations at once.

We might not quit be in our body or experience the same reality. Anxiety can be heightened. We might be feeling lost and hopeless without a sense of purpose. This connection and sense of direction (or lack thereof…) is something that is deep in everyone’s soul. Whether you feel it for a subtle passing moment or you affirm it every morning. We label it and name it by many different experiences. The latin root of the word experience- ‘experiri’ means to stand. ‘Ex’ means out. Whatever stands out, all things that stand out are valid.

Perhaps for this lunation the mantra can be, “Yes and.” Yes, I am tired and I will not stop going. Yes, I am angry and I can forgive. Yes, I am afraid and I will fight. Yes, I am full and I will empty. Yes, I disagree and I will stand with you.

Despite the uncertainty this new moon makes a beautiful trine to the M.C. in Leo. (Denver, CO) Even as we may feel defeated there is meaning in it. Wrong turns in the web of fate and free will and all. Ultimately your soul is beyond the dance of opposites. Remind yourself of this anytime you are lost in the deviants. All of the places we plant and stand have a purpose. Even if that purpose is to rest and not have a purpose. 😛 You are exactly where you are supposed to be.

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Blessed Ostara

Happy first day of spring! the birds are chirping and glimpses of green are starting to bud. In Greek mythology this is the time that Persephone reunites with Demeter. Mother and daughter can continue their sacred duty of planting and growing upon Gaia. The urge to create stories when phenomena can’t be explained is still well and alive today. The age of logic and reason has enlightened us on many secrets of the universe. Yet there is still more to discover and the art of storytelling aids us in unveiling what is hidden in the collective psykhe. It’s not quite what you thought it’d be but you intuitively knew it was there all along.

Osatra is exact in the Mountain Time zone at 4:29 A.M Monday, March 20th. The effects will still be there for a day or two in between the exact date. The new Aries sun conjuncts a retrograde venus in Aries and squares the moon in capricorn and saturn in sagittarius. It’s like we know there is something we have to do. It’s something really important but the weight and gravity of it might be too much to bare. The grand cross with Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto doesn’t help. Although not exact, the tension is still present. Modern reinterpretations of the Persephone myth can portray her in this fashion. Growing flowers everywhere isn’t enough. There is something else she knows she can do.

The time to shine is soon upon us. As the ascendant moves through  Leo we’re starting to see the grand fire trine taking shape. The exact date won’t be until August when the big eclipes take center stage. The north node will also be at the point the ascendant is now. Both motivate us towards something bigger than ourselves. The ascendant is our purpose, our vehicle, and what makes us move forward.  The north node is the path itself. The journey and what it is we are actually supposed to do here on this earth.

Persephone’s story in the 21st century is not a tale of abduction and being forced into submission. There are different versions floating around as to how she came to the Underworld. She found herself there none the less and made a conscious choice to stay. She ate the pomegranate seeds of her own free will. The maiden of springtime chose to become the Queen of the dead and of the Lord who serves them. It is here that she can serve her purpose and her destiny.

Our own stories may be very different from our Queen of change. And that may be the exact reason her story is so relatable. She is the space between the parallels and the paradoxes. She is the fine line between fate and free will. She is the purest light that finds her love in darkness. As day and night stand still as one, we are being asked to hold ourselves for everything that we are. No limits and no boundaries because things are not always as they appear. And the balance of the wheel goes round.

Blessed be star souls.



Full Moon in Virgo

This full moon sits in Virgo at 22 degrees at 8:53 A.M. mountain standard time. Virgo is represented by the virgin harvesting wheat. Whatever personal associations or historical knowledge you have about the concept of virginity, at least for one day, I invite you to try a different interpretation. A “virgin” maiden can simply be a woman who belongs to herself. No one has taken anything from her and she has not given anything away. This energy is in all of us regardless of gender identity and/or the phases of our lives if you let it in. Perhaps this full moon is an invitation to remember what actually belongs to you.

This is reinforced with the moon’s square to Saturn in Sagittarius and an opposition to both the Sun and Mercury in Pisces. We are deeply connected to the projects we have to get started but we keep running into roadblocks and detours. Oppositions and squares are not usually read as positive and easy aspects. But they can be an opportunity for growth. It’s just not going to be carefree and easy right now. Saturn makes us set foundations and boundaries. Rules and limits. Maybe the Lord of time and karma can help us create a container for what is really important to us right now.

There are these beautiful trines to Pluto and the M.C. from the full moon. The Lord of the Underworld asks us to close our eyes. Really try and sit with the chattering mind and the butterflies in your stomach. However you tap into that deep meditative state, this full moon might be a good time to tune in. When what we are trying to manifest doesn’t happen on our timeline, take a deep breath.  Sometimes things work out better than you planned when you stop obsessing over every detail.

Virgos are stereotypically infamous for being perfectionists and meticulous. That’s not the whole truth. Yes, sometimes it’s a curse and it can get in the way. All signs of the zodiac have their light and their shadow. Yet their dedication to their work and exactness is a wonderful gift. Of course our human nature is to flux through our thoughts and emotions. But the Virgo archetypes know who they are, how they show up in the world, what their intention is, and how it is manifested. They rule their domain with grace and devotion.

The strength card in the major arcana comes to mind. True, in the tarot school of thought Leo is the traditional ruler of this card. Let’s just look at the art work for a moment since some readers interperate this way. A young beautiful woman is usually depicted taming a wild beast. The Virgos can teach us to use our gifts to calm our feral instincts. How fitting that the constellations visible in the spring sky are filled with animals. Draco the dragon. Leo the lion. the big bear also known as the big dipper. There are several canines and even a crow. They all bow to Virgo with one of the brightest stars in the visible night sky at her ear.

Blessed Full Moon star souls. ❤



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New Moon in Pisces: Heal Thyself.

This new moon sits in 8° Pisces and is the last in February’s eclipse cycle before we pick up again in August. Although we won’t be able to see this eclipse in North America, the impacts will not go unnoticed. A mutable sign representing endings, Pisces is the shaman, the mystic, and the dreamer. The stillness in deep sleep. Perhaps it is here that the subconscious mind can release, let go, and heal as we begin the turn of the astrological wheel of the year anew.

The new moon is especially potent with Mars in Aries triggering a T-square with Pluto in Capricorn and a retrograde Jupiter in Libra. Our ruling planet Neptune, is in a powerful conjunction with Pallas Athena. The new moon itself sextiles Pluto and Juno in Capricorn. We are being asked to open up to old wounds. Uncover that which is hidden. Maybe tune into that voice in the back of your head that you can never really hear. There is something not quite right and it will not be ignored.

Pallas was a childhood friend Athena. A daughter of Triton. There are different versions of the story, but Athena accidently kills her beloved friend. She then takes her friend’s name to honor her memory and becomes Pallas Athena. With this month’s astrology, Pallas’s story can teach us to reclaim our wounds. They are a part of us and we wouldn’t be who we are without them. Things don’t always happen for a reason. But you always have the power to make a reason.

 If you are in a place where your wounds are deep and raw at the moment, please honor that. You are in a powerful portal and your story is yet to be written. Just remember that your wounds can also be an accumulation of day to day cuts and bruises. The bottled and shelved disturbances can be just as bad as the major traumas. Many Shamanic traditions believed that if you suffered in any way from an incident, something as simple as a child scraping his/her knees or a rude encounter with a stranger, a part of your spirit hides away. Even on a subtle energetic level, psychiatric research and kinesthetic memory study is now suggesting that your automatic nervous system can remember stress triggers without the conscious mind even recognizing it.

Anything as simple as walking by a red dress in a shop window (because ‘so and so’ wore a red dress when ‘XYZ’ happened a long a time ago) can trigger the sympathetic nervous system. But you don’t have time to heal repressed emotions. It must be that email you read this morning that has your hands sweating, heart racing, and breath shortening. No wonder the collective consciousness is afraid, apathetic, angry, aggressive, and shell-shocked. How often do we fly about  modern world with our authentic mind and spirit buried in a busy schedule. How many people do you know who are stuck in their stories? The chapters of victim, martyr, and savior playing out over and over again. The cycle never ends and there is nothing outside of it for it is all they know.

Who are those people in your life? Could it even be you right now? What are the qualifying behaviours and events that everyone has in common? Especially you. Why do you keep hitting the replay button? You can’t control other people but you can control yourself. When you start being the person you want to be, the things and people you really need to support you will come. Asking yourself these questions is earth-shattering. But the work is necessary. This deep shadow work is how we heal ourselves. Take some extra time to yourself for self-care.This is what you were put on this earth to do.

Great golden Goddess Athena, You who wield the thunderbolt and weave the wars we wage. We offer you justice and karmas served. Guide our hearts and our hands with your wisdom and grace. May your bright owl’s eyes be our third. Free the words in our story and may your truth rein high.  This is our will. So Mote it Be.

Blessed be dear star souls.



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Full Moon in Leo: Coming out of the Lion’s Den.

We’re in for a triple threat this weekend. Not only do we have a powerful full moon, it’s shortly followed by a penumbral lunar eclipse, then Comet 45P. This is also known as the New Year’s Comet. All have their own logical explanations as well as their philosophical explorations. We’re caught somewhere in the middle. Our higher and collective mind is going through a profound shift. Yet our individual identities might not be ready for the changes to come. Where do we find the balance between contributing to the whole  of society and taking care of our own needs? That is what we are being asked to manifest.

Let’s start with the full Moon. In the old farmer’s almanac, february’s full moon is known as the snow moon. Sometimes the cold moon, the ice moon, or the bone moon. It’s that time of year where warmth and nourishment for the earth was scarce. It’s often the coldest or the snowiest part of the winter season. This full moon also sits in Leo. It opposes the sun in Aquarius, conjunct the ascendant in Leo, and squares the midheaven in Taurus. All of this mixed together is like the Lion trying to come out of it’s den. But our authentic and genuine selves can’t come out. Maybe we’re afraid of how cold and dark the world is. Maybe we’re doubting our inner light and radiance. Maybe we think no matter how brave and strong we are, we can’t make a difference out there. A crisis of individual consciousness is brewing.

This leads us to the lunar eclipse. Wherever Leo in the late 20 degrees falls in your chart is where you might feel the eclipse the most. The effects can last up to six months. Beware of self-fulfilling prophecies. In ancient times eclipses and comets were interpreted as warning labels and signs of peril. Understandably so, it took humanity thousands of years to understand the phenomenons. On the other hand, just because we can explain and calculate the event doesn’t mean we have to lose the sense of wonder or mystery. This shadowed moon sextiles jupiter in Libra, and trines both Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius. Whatever is getting shaken up in your life right now could be the push you need to come out of the Lion’s den.

Last but not least we have a comet that you just might be able to see with the naked eye. For those of us in the North American continent, you might be able to see a streak of blue and green whizzing by around 3:00 A.M. Saturday morning. This is regardless of what time-zone you’re in. If you’re ambitious enough to get up and try to find it, look to the east. It should be shooting by the constellation Hercules and the Corona Borealis. Our ancestor’s used to look to the night sky for survival. It taught us when to plant, fish, and how to travel. The hunters in the night sky like Hercules and Orion where how we knew when to accomodate for winter. Let this comet be a spark of inspiration and a welcoming light to guide us through the rest of the season.

But if coming out of the winter den is challenging right now, that’s okay. Even though things may be cold and dark, the nurturing aspect of winter is that it’s a time to rest and reflect. You can’t always do those things in times of bright light and activity. That applies to the hustle and bustle of summer as well as the insomnia of modern life. This excess of artificial light is why astronomers say things like ‘you might be able to see the comet.’ They call it light pollution. How interesting that something we philosophically and spiritually yearn for so badly can even be called ‘pollution’. Try to remember that darkness is not this scary evil thing to be feared. It is a sacred womb out of which the light is born. Taking this to a literal level, you can see the stars in the night sky so much more vividly in complete darkness. Maybe we could see what Orion and Hercules are actually hunting for in the first place.

This is your task and the sacred duty of our life time. Out of the darkness, into the light, may we together come. Blessed Be.

Namaste star souls.

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Blessed Imbolc!

Blessed Imbolc! Imbolc is the cross-quarter date between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. Many earth-based traditions celebrate Imbolc with the Celtic Goddess Brigid. You may know this as Candlemas or groundhog’s day. Traditional or not, secular or sacred, we are half-way through the winter season and spring is on the way. Especially out here in the rocky mountains, the weather fluxes enough from warm bright sunlight back to our winter hideouts. This is where we begin. At the crossroads, the stirring, and the quickening. This is where the magic happens.

Interestingly enough the exact solar point of Imboc was the same day that Venus entered her shadow period. This is the slow down time before a planet starts moving retrograde. When a planet is moving retrograde it’s orbit slows down enough to where it appears to be moving backwards to the naked eye. Venus only goes retrograde about once a year to every other year. So when this radiant Goddess goes backwards we feel her effects. I interpret retrograde periods like reversed tarot cards. It usually means stuck, inert, and blocked energy. Sometimes it can be a radical burst of energy. This Venus Retrograde is looking to be the latter.

Despite the other powerful aspects happening with this year’s Imboc, Mars has home field advantage and will most likely roll over everything else. Saturn trine Uranus, Neptune trine the midheaven, and Jupiter sextile Saturn will have tough competition to Mars and Venus squaring Saturn and opposing the Ascendant in Libra. Remember, this doesn’t have to be a horoscope of danger or a warning to brace for impact. The roots of the word Imbolc mean ‘in the belly.’ We’ve got the extra fire power in our gut, we might as well use it to our advantage. We have great dreams for for peace and communion. Suddenly, we’re awake. And we have a pretty good idea of how to make our visions a reality. Let this burst of fire be what sustains your choice to manifest and act.

The trick with this burst of creativity is to remember the purpose in the pursuit. We can’t let concepts and causes divide us even more. In a yogic mindset, the purpose of focusing on the pursuit is to take us out of the thoughts in our head. When we step out of our own borders and boundaries, we are reminded that there is something bigger than what we define our ideas and morals to be. What lies beyond and what lies just out of reach is actually what we all have in common and this is the universal that will hold and bind us together. It’s actually kind of like someone pinching you when you have other aches and pains dominating your consciousness. For a split second, it’s not about you, them, the pain, or any other circumstances. Just a breath, a spark, then the pain is gone. An ironic laugh usually follows. Because you couldn’t have found your place in the whole if you weren’t at one point your own piece.

As you think, so you are. As the mind, so the person. As above, so below. As within, so without. You are made of stardust and have the light of 10,000 suns within your soul. This is the source we all come from and to which the whole universe shall return. Some cosmologists speculate even to the point of the big bang starting the cycle of life all over again. We’re all just walking each other home.

Blessed be and Namaste Star Souls. ❤

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New Moon in Aquarius

The new moon was exact yesterday at 5:07 P.M. M.S.T. The effects will still be here through the weekend. This new moon welcomes the Aquarius sun and moon cycle of the year. Aquarius is the sign of the water-bearer and is often misinterpreted as a water sign. Aquarius is actually an air sign. Rightfully so, the kingdom of air is the realm of the mind, the intellect, and the breath of inspiration. Aquarius is the James Dean of the Zodiac. The rebel and the revolutionary that won’t take the status quo.

Each sign has a light and a shadow. Since Aquarius is an air sign it can get a little ‘head-y’ and cut itself off from the heart. Sometimes Aquarius can come off little Spock-ish. Maybe even a little cold and aloof. Aquarius can also be stubborn and unwilling to change perspective. Yet when Aquarius is exalted it is the great humanitarian. Aquarius can lead and build a real Utopia and fraternity. If there is any hope of world peace, it’s the  Aquarians that will get us there.

No doubt you’ve heard of the Age of Aquarius. in Astronomical terms, the vernal equinox is now in line with the constellation of Aquarius. Symbolically, this is a collective shift in the human psykhe to all of the traits listed above. We have the potential for a great age of peace. But as the saying goes, the darkest moments are just before the dawn. Things might get worse before  they get better.

Aquarius was seen as a water-pourer throughout many cultures that has still survived in modern stories. The Egyptian God Hap, who balanced the flow of the Nile. Deucalion, the only pious mortal to survive Jupiter’s flood. The myth of Atlantis tells a tale of a massive drowning of a society’s greed and hubris. Noah and his Arch survived a prophesied flood. Even the awakening age of logic says that the global climate is changing and the seas will rise.

We live in interesting times. Chinese culture says that that’s a curse. This new moon also marks the Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster. The Rooster in the tropical zodiac is actually the closest to Leo. But both the Rooster and Aquarius are asking us to rise. Rise above the great floods that can both cleanse and destroy us. Rise for what you know to be true in your heart and what your higher mind knows to be right. Hold love and compassion for everyone, especially the people that challenge you. Rise for every color, nationality, age, gender, religion, mother, sister, brother, and father you know in your neighborhood and the global community. The world is too small now and we have to do this together.

Namaste Beautiful Souls. We will Rise!

Elia Ann

*Aspects are listed for self-learning and astrological development. Feel free to comment and compare notes.

*Moon in Aquarius conjunct Sun in Aquarius. Moon opposite Ascendant in Leo. Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. Uranus opposite Jupiter in Libra. Saturn in Sagittarius Square Mars and Venus in Pisces. New moon is exact at 8 Degrees Aquarius.

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