New Moon in Leo. Have Faith.

"Well, that didn't go well." Mars leaned over and chuckled to us. "Hush!" I snapped at him waving him back to his seat. The young warrior blushed, looked uncomfortable and sat back in his seat. He stayed under the Sun's rays, looking for guidance and reassurance. Helios belted a loud belly laugh and playfully slapped... Continue Reading →

Full Moon in Sagittarius

I want to go home. I don't want to be tested and tried. I thought bitterly to myself awaiting my fate at the top of a mountain. The fear and shock of abandonment had wore off and now the night was still and quiet. I was done crying and hiding like a child. You know those... Continue Reading →

Full Moon is Scorpio: Psykhe Rising

My story is a tale that began a long time ago, as it will begin anew a very long time from now. For the entirety of time and space happens all at once. Unique, and never to be experienced the same way twice. Tightly knit and woven together like fabric. Our place and our purpose can... Continue Reading →

New Moon in Taurus: Open the Love Gates

The new moon turns in the mountain time zone at 6:16 am tomorrow morning, wednesday April 26th. This new moon hits 6 degrees Taurus, an exact conjunction with the sun and forms a close trine with the north node (true, Denver, Co). Taurus' ruler, Venus is getting comfortable in the 12th house. The exact placement... Continue Reading →

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